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Aquascape® 5PL-5000 Pump

Aquascape® 5PL-5000 Pump

The Aquascape® 5PL 5000 pump is ideal for use in skimmer filters and Pondless Waterfall applications. Known for it's durability, performance and value, the 5PL is constructed of stainless steel and composite resin for strength and corrosion resistance. Its energy efficient, continuous-duty motor operates at lower temperatures, extending the life of the pump significantly.

Flow Chart for 5PL-5000 by Aquascape

The 5PL will pump up to 5,300 gallons per hour, and its 2-inch threaded discharge allows for simple installation. A semi-vortex impeller design enables the pump to handle solids efficiently and effectively, resulting in less maintenance and trouble-free performance.

Pondless Waterfall Diagram by AquascapePond Skimmer Application for 3PL-3000 Pump by Aquascape

The Aquascape 5PL 5000 Pump also contains a built-in thermal overload, protecting the pump from damage if ever run in low-water conditions. The 5PL carries a 2-Year Limited Warranty.


Features of 5PL-5000 Pump by Aquascape

  • Ideal for use in skimmer filters and Pondless Waterfall applications
  • Constructed of stainless steel and composite resin
  • Semi-vortex, solids-handling impeller decreases maintenance
  • Energy-efficient, continuous-duty motor extends pump life
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty

Specifications of 5PL-5000 by Aquascape

  • Package L x W x H in Inches:  10 x 15.5 x 9.5
  • Product L x W x H in Inches:  12 x 6 x 7

    Pump Efficiency Flow Chart (GPH)

    Pump Efficiency Flowchart for 3PL-3000 Pump By Aquascape