American Fire Glass™

American Fire Glass™ 1/2 Inch Emerald Green Fire Beads


  • American Fire Glass™ 1/2 Inch Emerald Green Fire Beads

    Capture the imagination of friends and family guests by adding 1/2" Emerald Green Fire Beads to your fire pit or fireplace. 

    Did you know that the emerald is one of the most popular gemstones in the world? In fact, they have been cherished by many cultures worldwide for thousands of years! The emerald was one of Cleopatra's favorite pieces of jewelry and it is clear why... You can introduce the stunning beauty of these 1/2" Emerald Fire into your own home or outdoor living space.

    Truly reminiscent of shiny green emeralds, these luscious green glass beads are sure to impress your visitors.

    These Emerald Green Fire Beads will go well in almost any decor, but will do especially well with earth color surroundings. They may be used alone, or mixed with other complementary colors for a completely unique look. When the fire feature is lit, all eyes will immediately be drawn to the magical display of bright shiny emeralds, reflecting and enhancing the bright yellow light of the flames dancing above them. Enchanting!

    A Practical Alternative to Ceramic Logs & Stones

    American Fire Glass's emerald green fire beads aren't just gorgeous to behold, but also very practical. They do a wonderful job of covering the entire floor of a fire feature, effectively hiding the unseemly pipes and tubes which are often visible in gas fireplaces or fire pits.

    This makes fire beads a much more desirable alternative to the commonly seen ceramic logs and fire stones.

    Extremely Durable, Safe, & Long Lasting!

    All American Fire Glass fire beads are manufactured using high quality glass and undergo a unique 5-step manufacturing process that renders them their beautiful shine and also allows them to withstand temperatures of up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit without sustaining any damage or discoloration. Used correctly, these magical beads could last your customers a lifetime!

    Another advantage of our emerald green fire beads is that they do not emit any ash, smoke, soot, or harmful chemicals. This means they require hardly any cleaning and are very easy to maintain.

    If you are looking for something enchanting for your next get together, introduce them to American Fireglass's emerald green fire beads!