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American Fire Glass™

American Fireglass Jupiter Fire Bowl Kit

  • American Fireglass Jupiter Fire Bowl Kit

    The stunning Jupiter Fire Bowl Kit, is like having a piece of the galaxy glowing in your own garden or backyard.

    With it's colorful cosmic design, glass finish and elegant sheen, your guests are sure to be awestruck with these amazing Jupiter Fire Bowls. They are the latest in American Fireglass' impressive product line, of exquisite fire bowls.

    Set up a delightful outdoor fire even if you don't own a fire pit. For an even more spacey feel, just add some of American Fireglass' dazzling fire glass!

    Each fire bowl has been tested for heat resistance and durability to ensure it will sustain no damage when exposed to high temperatures and harsh weather.

    The Jupiter Fire Bowl Kit comes complete with all the fittings necessary to light up an amazing fire, including: 12” stainless steel fire ring, quiet-flex gas line and other accessories. Installation is easy!

    Presently available in match light ignition only!