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AquascapePRO® Pagoda Fountain Rocks Set of 3

  • AquascapePRO® Pagoda Fountain Rocks Set of 3

    The Aquascape Pagoda Fountain Rocks make a beautiful natural stone water feature that will provide the ambiance you've been visualizing for your outdoor living space. Each stone is unique in shape, color, and texture and the layered formation of the stones creates a beautiful rippling effect as water runs over the surface.

    The Set of 3 Pagoda Fountain Rocks contains one large, one medium, and one small rock, allowing for an aesthetically-balanced feature.

    The Pagoda Fountain Rocks are core-drilled for easy installation and recessed for use with the Aquascape Fountain Accent Light.

    The set can also be used with the AquaBasin 45 and Ultra 2000 Water Pump for quick and easy installation.

    Three pre-cored rocks are each unique in shape, size, and coloration. The natural, stratified rocks are extremely durable, and provide a one-of-a-kind stone water feature.

    Kit Includes:

    3 Piece, natural basalt stone column

    AquaBasin® 45

    6' of 3/4" Kink-Free Pipe

    Ultra™ 2000 GPH Pump