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Atlantic™ 36" Basin Kit

  • Atlantic™ 36" Basin Kit


    The 36" Basin Kit from Atlantic™ is an essential component to building the eye-catching formal spillway you desire. It works along with a variety of formal spillway systems that Atlantic provides.

    The Basin Kit comes in different sizes depending on your spillway design and includes many of the required components to get your water feature up and running.

    Atlantic™ Formal Spillway Example

    Check out what's included below.

    • The heart of Atlantic Formal Spillway Systems, Basin Kits provide everything you need to install Colorfalls and Spillways
    • Three sizes of self-contained basins, paired with pumps and plumbing accomodate 12, 24 and 36-inch Formal Spillways
    • Seamless installation with four-inch garden block
    • Basin Kits include basin, Splash Mat, pump, plumbing, PVC spray glue, adjustment valve and Auto Fill, all in one box

    || Inside Tip ||

    Want to use our basins but need a rectangular basin shape?

    Build your wall stones around the basin to whatever shape you wish, then fill the voids with pieces of foam board cut to fit.

    Cap with gravel to complete the custom basin.