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Atlantic Fountain Basin Plumbing Kit - One Valve

  • Atlantic Fountain Basin Plumbing Kit - One Valve

    This 3-Valve fountain basin plumbing kit is for use with Atlantic Water Gardens matching fountain basins and fountain pumps!

    Make sure you pick up these plumbing accessories to complete your fountain basin set up.

    Click Link Below for Instruction Manual

    Instruction Manual for Plumbing Kit One Valve


    • Kits include everything needed, from valves to fittings, reducing installation time
    • Matching components work with TidalWave Pumps and Fountain Basins to eliminate compatibility concerns
    • Single and triple adjustment valves are located above water level, for greater comfort and convenience
    • Kits include sealing strips for ¾" PVC standpipes to eliminate the need to drill large holes for bulkheads in ceramic vase