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Auburn Medium Fire Pit Glass 10lbs


  • Auburn Medium Fire Pit Glass 10 lbs

    Without doubt, one of the most beautiful times of the year is autumn! And one of the things that makes autumn so appealing is the brilliant reds, yellows and auburns of the leaves. There is nothing like walking through the park on a cool fall morning, enjoying the beautiful auburn trees and feeling the crunch of the leaves under your shoes. But why do those feelings have to be confined only to the fall season? With our brilliant auburn fire pit glass, you can recreate those autumn feelings in your own backyard to enjoy every day of the year!

    Made from recycled glass, these exquisite medium auburn fire pit glass pieces are 1/2 to 1 inch in size and when bunched together, they really are reminiscent of the leaves of the fall season. Similar to our small auburn fire pit glass, this medium variety is chunkier, allowing for better air circulation and delivering a bigger, more impressive flame. Exclusively designed for outdoor fire pits, when the fire feature is lit the glass gleams and reflects the fire while the flames appear to dance above, creating a mesmerizing display and delighting all onlookers.

    Not Just for Beautifying Fire Pits!

    Even if you don't own a fire pit, you can still use this lovely fire pit glass to beautify your outdoor environment. It can be used in gardens for landscaping, near water features, or even in aquariums! You can even mix the auburn fire pit glass with other shades in order to create their own unique display!