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BioMax Weekly Biological Conditioner

  • BioMax Weekly Biological Conditioner

    Keep your pond or water feature clean and balanced with the BIoMax Pond Treatment from Atlantic™ You can maintain the health and enhance the growth of beneficial bacteria.

    BioMax dry formula contains billions of bacteria plus enzymes to digest organic debris, clean and clear water, reduce ammonia and neutralize odors.

    • Keeps water clear and healthy naturally
    • Removes suspended organic debris
    • Use weekly to maintain a balanced pond ecosystem

    Potent microbial strains improve ecological balance, raise dissolved oxygen levels and lower nitrates that might otherwise promote unwanted plant growth. Use weekly to reduce suspended organics and keep pond water clear and healthy.

    BioMax Pond Treatment

    To remove sludge, leaves, debris and odors, Bio-Max dry formula contains several billion bacteria per gram and 6 added enzymes.

    Potent bacterial strains, grown on Activated Barley in a patented process, clean and clear ponds, improve dissolved oxygen and lower nitrate levels that might otherwise feed rampant algae growth.

    Use along with Bio-Max+ in a weekly maintenance program to keep sludge at bay and water quality at its peak.

    • Removes sludge and odor fast
    • Breaks down dead algae, leaves, and debris
    • Safe for aquatic and domestic animals