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Clarity Blast Combination Pond Cleaner

  • Clarity Blast - Combination Pond Cleaner

    Clarity Blast breaks down organic debris with a powerful combination of bacteria, enzymes and a proprietary secret ingredient to clean waterfalls, streams, plant pots and filtration systems.

    With a patented process that combines bacterial cultures with natural extracts, Clarity Blast helps to remove and control the pond hobbyist's worst long term pond problem.

    Clarity Blast Pond Cleaner

    ClarityBlast is an all-natural proprietary treatment blended with bacteria and enzymes.

    This combination works together to remove attached organics, break down sludge and organic debris and prevent further buildup.

    Download Clarity Blast Safety Data Sheets

    ClarityBlast cleans waterfalls, streams, ponds, plant pots and filters.

    Keeps pond water and hard surfaces clean and free of debris

    Use as directed to remove algae stains and attached organics

    Handles may pond and stream maintenance tasks

    • Removes a pond owner’s worst problem
    • Removes slimy debris from ponds, waterfalls and streams.
    • Safe for aquatic and domestic animals