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Aquascape® Large Pond Kit 21' x 26'

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  • Aquascape® Large Pond Kit 21' x 26'

    The Aquascape® Large Pond Kit includes everything you need to build a beautiful 21' x 26' ecosystem pond in your yard or landscape. All necessary components are provided in a convenient, all-in-one kit that takes the guesswork out of purchasing individual components.

    The Large Pond Kit comes with a skimmer and BioFalls® filter to provide efficient mechanical and biological filtration.

    Choose an Aquascape Smart Control App compatible with the AquaSurge Adjustable Flow pond pump, SDL pump, or our solids-handling pond pump.

    An LED lighting package is included to bring your pond to life at night. An Automatic Dosing System with Maintain for Ponds water treatment is included to automatically add water treatments to the pond, keeping water conditions clean and clear.


    Builds a 21′ x 26′ pond with a maximum depth of 2'