TidalWave FP500 Series Mag Drive Fountain Pump

The TidalWave FP500 Series Mag Drive Fountain Pump is a proven workhorse in the TidalWave Series of Atlantic Water Gardens.

Atlantic Water Garden’s Fountain TidalWave FP-Series Fountain Pumps offer everything you want in a small pump line, with large, sturdy pre-filters, integrated flow controls, versatile base plates and small diameter power plugs.

Sized to fit even the smallest applications, these pumps still deliver big performance, with higher head heights and lower wattages than the competition. 

Fountain Pump Features:

  • Removable pre-filter
  • Integrated flow adjustment
  • Replaceable impeller
  • 1-year warranty 


Click link below for FP-Series Pumps Instruction Manual

Fountain Pump Series Instruction Manual

FP500 Fountain Pump

Model FP500

  • Volts: 115
  • Watts: 33
  • Outlet: ½" FIPT
  • Cord: 16'

Adjustable flow pre-filter & ½" - ¾" outlet fitting

Dimensions:  5¼"L x 3½"W x 4"H

A Complete Fountain System

Atlantic’s Fountain System is the easiest, fastest and strongest way to build a water feature, with heavy duty components designed to work together to beautify any hardscape.

Choose from a variety of light and water displays that combine to captivate and enthrall!

Atlantic’s Fountain Basins are the strongest and most fully featured available, with integrated internal supports to handle huge weights, a sturdy, rigid platform, integrated tubing channels to keep all the plumbing above water and safe from kinking and room for up to three individual decorative elements.

For even more versatility, our new Eco-Rise/Eco-Blox System allows complete control of up to six elements from a single vault over a reservoir of any size or shape.

To top off our basin choices, check out Atlantic’s newest additions, Pebble Pots, Color Changing Vases and our faux Basalt Columns, for every landscape, taste and budget.



1.  Molded as one piece, support cones from the bottom of the basins are fused to the flat top panel, integrating the two planes for exceptional strength.

2.  Large access door makes pump installation and maintenance easy.

3.  Complete plumbing kits for decorative items include flow controls and pump connections for FP, MD, TW and TT Pumps.

4.  The Triton 3-Way Diverter features a 1½” inlet for unrestricted flow to three ¾” outlets. True ‘ball’ style valves with removable handles enable independent flow adjustments to each outlet without moving the decorative gravel.

5.  Built-in channels allow the plumbing to run on top of the basin,
simplifying installation and adjustments.

6.  Recesses allow 1½” conduit to be installed within the radius of the basin, providing easy access to the pump cord and lighting wiring when the basin is installed. 1½” cord stoppers are supplied with all Fountain Basin Plumbing kits.

7.  The ability to install and access an Auto Fill Valve eliminates the need
to manually add water to the system.

8.  Choose from three distinctive styles of fountain toppers. Whether you prefer Basalt Columns, Pebble Pots or Color Changing Vases, Atlantic has the right decorative item for your landscape.

9.  Replace the factory fitting included in all Atlantic Fiberglass Fountains with a Fountain Light to add a splash of warming light.



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