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Atlantic™ Large Pond-Free Waterfall Kit with 26' Spillway

  • Large Pond-Free Waterfall Kit with 26' Spillway

    Atlantic's Pond-Free Waterfall Kits are a convenient, easy and affordable way to achieve a perfectly matched and balanced system.

    Available with a variety of liner sizes and pump options, with detailed installation instructions included, these Kits provide everything you’ll need for a complete, professional installation – no last-minute trips to the hardware store!


    When installing your Pond-Free Waterfall Kit, be confident knowing you have everything you need in one place.

    Fittings, glue and of course an instruction manual are right at your fingertips to get you from start to finish.

    For the first time DIY pond builder or professional contractor alike, Atlantic’s Pond-Free Waterfall Kits are designed with you in mind.

    Atlantic’s Water Garden System offers a complete solution for every pond builder, from full-featured Skimmers that allow for every plumbing and pre-filter preference, to versatile FilterFalls that can be upgraded as ponds mature and organic loads increase.

    You can individually select the custom accessories for your Water Garden System.

    If you prefer you can also choose a Pond Kit that comes with all the equipment, liner and plumbing you’ll need to complete the project all available here at Inspired Fire and Water Features.

    Atlantic® Pond Free System Installation

    1. FastFalls “inside the liner” design and reinforced spillway lip prevent leaks and retain rock, gravel, soil or mulch to help blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

    2. One-piece liner flange and molded inserts ensure a watertight liner attachment every time.

    3. Molded support cones and internal baffles give the FastFalls incredible strength and diffuse the water, ensuring consistent flow across the spillway.

    4. Heavy-duty, one-piece Pump Vaults offer all the strength and versatility you need, allow for large flow rates, and will not bow, bend or break, even under the most extreme conditions.

    5. Pump Vault Extensions add the height of one Eco-Blox for larger, deeper basins, and carry the same strength and durability as Atlantic Pump Vaults.

    6. Eco-Blox are modular, load-bearing blocks that hold 31.5 gallons of water each, and with 96% void space, allow large volumes of water to be stored easily and economically.

    7. Slide locks allow for quick, tool-free assembly of Eco-Blox that is also more secure and stable than peg-style connections used by the competition.

    8. Eco-Blox are extremely strong, able to support 7.5 tons, and are HS-20 compliant for commercial applications.