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Aquascape® Patio Basin - Natural Limestone - Gray

Aquascape® Patio Basin - Natural Limestone - Gray

The Aquascape Patio Basin in Natural Limestone color allows you to install a stunning water feature without ever having to touch a shovel. Add a beautiful decorative fountain to any patio, deck, or indoor location in minutes.

There is no need to dig, simply place the patio basin in the desired location and fill with water. The low-maintenance decorative deck can accommodate stones or pebbles, providing an attractive base for your new water feature.

Handling flow-rates up to 550 gallons per hour, the Aquascape Patio Basin can be used in a variety of water feature applications. The durable Basin can hold up to 18-gallons of water and support weights up to 100 pounds.

More Features:
  • Ideal for installing a variety of water features above ground
  • Natural Limestone Color
  • Supports up to 100 pounds
  • 18-gallon water storage capacity
  • Handles flow-rate up to 550 GPH