Atlantic Water Gardens Oasis Pond-Free Waterfall Kit

Atlantic Water Gardens Oasis Pond-Free Waterfall Kit

The Oasis Pond-Free Waterfall Kit by Atlantic Water Gardens is a  convenient, easy and affordable way to achieve a perfectly matched and balanced system.

Available with a variety of liner sizes and pump options, with detailed installation instructions included, these Kits provide everything you’ll need for a complete, professional installation – no last-minute trips to the hardware store!


When installing your Pond Kit, whether it be one of our Oasis Series or Big Bahama Pro Series, you have everything you need in one place.

Fittings, glue and of course an instruction manual are right at your fingertips to get you from start to finish.

For the first time DIY pond builder or professional contractor alike, Atlantic’s Pond Kits are designed with you in mind. 

Pond Kit Includes:

  • SP1600 FastFalls
  • PV1700 Pump Vault
  • TW2400 TidalWave2 Pump
  • Triton Check Valve
  • 1½' x 25‘ Flexible PVC Pipe
  • 10‘ x 15‘ Liner
  • Heavy-duty Underlayment
  • Complete Installation Kit Including Fittings Thread Sealant and PVC spray glue

Atlantic’s Water Garden System offers a complete solution for every pond builder, from full-featured Skimmers that allow for every plumbing and pre-filter preference, to versatile FilterFalls that can be upgraded as ponds mature and organic loads increase.

You can individually select the custom accessories for your Water Garden System.

If you prefer you can also choose a Pond Kit that comes with all the equipment, liner and plumbing you’ll need to complete the project all available here online.

Clean Water Mill has all of your Atlantic Water Garden Supplies ready to order now!

  1. Skimmers feature super flow weir doors, stainless steel hardware, and a heavy-duty rotomolded shell for the ultimate in durability, backed by a lifetime warranty.
  2. Skimmers feature large stainless steel-framed nets and stainless/nylon filter brush panels or Matala matting for excellent pre-filtration, and accept Matala cartridge upgrades.
  3. Large pump chambers capable of housing multiple pumps provide the versatility to improve energy efficiency by using two smaller pumps instead of one large one.
  4. Optional installation accessories such as the Triton Ionizer, Bottom Drain Kit and Auto Fill Kit allow you to keep your pond clean while reducing maintenance at the same time.
  5. Atlantic’s flexible PVC piping, geotextile underlayment and EPDM liner are all proudly made in the United States to the highest quality standards.
  6. Heavy-duty rotomolded polyethylene FilterFalls feature stainless steel hardware, molded inserts and solid lips for watertight liner attachment and lifelong durability.
  7. Sturdy support bars and top grates support the weight of natural rock camouflage and prevent crushing or warping from the surrounding soil.
  8. Oversized interior volumes provide tremendous filtration capacity out of the box, expandable with any combination of Bio-Tech media, Bio-Balls, Bio-Rocks and Matala for near infinite custom filtration options.