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Sunnydaze Air Pump Solar Oxygenator Plus

  • Sunnydaze Air Pump Solar Oxygenator Plus

    New and Improved! Comes with two modes: day and night mode. On day mode, the pump will use solar energy supplied by the panel for power. Excess energy is used to recharge the batteries. Oxygenator will only work in bright and sunny conditions on this mode.

    On night mode, the batteries will power the oxygenator once the sun goes down. A fully charged battery will power the oxygenator for 6 hours. For best charge, please place the solar panel in a bright and sunny area and allow the batteries to charge for 8 hours.

    Comes with two 6.5' tubes with air stones and has a total water flow capacity of 52 gallons per hour.

    The batteries generally last between 12-18 months.


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