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Triton Check Valves

Triton Check Valves

Atlantic’s award winning Triton Check Valve is the only check valve designed exclusively for the water garden industry.

The ‘swing style’ Triton Check Valve features a 2” socket union on the inlet, 2” and 1½” socket unions for the outlet, a molded-in 90? elbow, and a slim design that allows clearance when installed with direct drive pumps.

If simplicity and innovation are what you seek, Triton delivers!

Triton Check Valve Features by Atlantic Water Gardens

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    Click link below for Check Valve Instruction Manuals

    Model TR215CV Check Valve Instruction Manual

    Model AWGCV30 Check Valve Instruction Manual

    Check Valve Model Details

    Model: TR215CV
    • Valve Dimensions: 5⅝"L x 3½" W x 10"H
    • Inlet: 2" socket
    • Outlet: 1½" or 2" Sch 40 socket
    • Pipe Dimensions: 11⅞"L x 2⅝"W
    • Pipe Inlet: 1½" or 2" MIPT
    • Pipe Outlet: 2" Sch 40 pipe
    • Includes: 2" check valve with unions, 1½" outlet fitting, 1" thru 1½" tubing adapter, discharge pipe and extension


      Triton Check Valve Model AWGCV30 


      Atlantic’s AWGCV30 features a full flow 3" ’swing style’ check valve with an offset valve body, 90° elbow and a 3" rubber coupling on the outlet.

      A 3" pump discharge pipe (not included) can be extended to any length using 3" PVC.

      Model: AWGCV30
      • Valve Dimensions: 11½"L x 5½"W x 13½"H
      • Inlet: 3" socket
      • Outlet: 3" rubber coupling






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