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Weighted Tubing 3/8" x 25'

  • Weighted Tubing 3/8" x 25'

    The 3/8” Weighed Aeration Tubing by Aquascape® is the ideal aeration tubing for installation in most ponds and water features.

    Many types of aeration tubing will float to the surface of ponds, exposing the unsightly tubing.

    However, when you install Aquascape's Weighted Aeration Tubing you will be able to maintain the pond airline tubing's location out of sight and at the the bottom of the pond without the use of weights. This will improve the appearance of your water feature and significantly reduce installation time.

    The weighted tubing is constructed of thick-walled, puncture resistant, extruded PVC, the tubing will not kink and is flexible, even in cold weather. The smooth interior reduces friction to maximize airflow and reduce system pressure requirements.

    Aquascape self-sinking, weighted tubing is UV-resistant, lead-free, fish-safe, and black in color to disguise it on the pond bottom.

    The tubing has a 3/8” inside diameter, .69” outside diameter, a 2” minimum bend radius, and is rated for all temperatures. Aquascape Weighted Aeration Tubing is proudly made in the USA.