Contemporary Fireplace Kit

Contemporary Fireplace Burner Kits

What could be better than relaxing with good friends in front of a warm cozy fireplace? Upgrading that ordinary fireplace with a contemporary fireplace kit and replacing those old logs with some shimmering fire glass... that's what!

American Fire Glass' contemporary fireplace kits bring a touch of elegance and style to any fireplace. Available in both oval and rectangular design and elevated on 3-inch legs, these 304 grade stainless steel appliances are guaranteed to withstand extreme temperatures with no rusting. Each contemporary fireplace kit comes with a built in H-burner and a manual or remote safety pilot system which is extremely safe for indoor use.

The safety pilot system is operated via a control knob that provides a pilot flame that - when turned on - ignites the flames over the fireplace burner. As a safety precaution, the system's thermocouple only allows gas to flow into the main burner if a flame is detected. If no flame is detected, the flow of gas is turned off via the main gas valve.

The contemporary fireplace burner kits work best under 1 - 2 inches of fire glass. Available in both natural gas and propane variety.

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