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Pond Lighting

In these busy times with work, school, and family responsibilities it can be hard to find the time to enjoy your outdoor water features in the daytime. 

We are happy to provide a variety of options from Atlantic Water Gardens and Aquascape Inc. to help your light up your garden or pond late into the night if you so desire.

 Atlantic Garden and Pond Lighting

Extend the beauty of your water feature or hardscape after dark with Atlantic’s LED lighting systems. Whether you prefer Warm White or Color Changing, solid brass SOL Lights use energy efficient, long lasting LEDs. Give your space a welcome warming glow, above ground or underwater, all night long. Atlantic SOL Lighting is easy to install and carries up to a five-year warranty.

Aquascape Garden and Pond Lighting

Add a new dimension to your water feature by bringing it to life at night.  Aquascape has a complete line of garden and pond lighting that will provide you the quiet serenity of your water feature in the day or night.  Aquascape's LED Garden and Pond Lighting fixtures, feature a die-cast metal housing finshed with a protective coating , providing a durable finish that will hold up in all weather conditions.  They can be fully submersed or placed in traditional landscapes.  

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