GRISUN Aqua Blue Fire Glass for Fire Pit, 20 Pounds 1/2 Inch High Luster Reflective Tempered Glass Rocks for Natural or Propane Fireplace, Safe for Outdoors and Indoors Firepit Glass

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Color: Aqua Blue


  • ♨【Wide Range of Use】- Can be used in an indoor or outdoor fireplace that uses propane gas, natural gas or electric; can also be used in indoor glass fireplaces, outdoor firepits, fire tables, and fish tanks.
  • ♨【Sparkly & Luster】- Flames make the fire glass shine bright and beautiful.
  • ♨【No Melting or Fading】- Fire pit glass has strong corrosion resistance, heat resistance, fade resistance and retains heat effectively. Will not degrade overtime.
  • ♨【Easy Heating/Extinguishing】- The glass itself does not burn. The glass retains some heat but does not remain on fire after you turn off the supply of gas.
  • ♨【Warm Ambience】- Put a layer of lava rocks down and then cover with fire pit glass to give your fire a unique look. Stay warm and cozy on chilly nights.

Details: Grisun upgraded fire reflective glass that hold heat and give off heat very well. This product made of Reflective Tempered Fire Glass that looks like moving water when reflected by a beautiful flame and give us a healthy and safety warming experience. Fireplace: Fits Indoor or outdoor fireplace, fire pits, fire bowls, fish tank etc Most fuels: Propane gas, natural gas or electric comes with acrylic ice. Glass diameter: 1/2” long. Package Include: 20 pounds x Tempered fire glass Key Feature: ♨ Premium quality fire glass for Long-Term Heat Consumption and will NOT Degrade. NO GLASS POWDER. ♨ Mirror surface on every fire glass with make flame flickers. ♨ Beautiful flames Make fire glass shine bright like a diamond in the fireplace. ♨ No melted and No faded - Strong corrosion resistant, heat resistance, fade resistance and heat preservation give us a safety and beautiful heating experience. ♨ Heating and Easy to Extinguish - The glass itself does not burn. This is meant for gas fireplaces. The glass retains some heat but no flame when you turn off the supply of gas. ♨ Eco-friendly - Fire Glass is a Brilliant and Stylish Addition for Your fire pit, Replacing Traditional Burning Wood. Collation tips Put a layer of lava rocks down and then covered with glass beads. Gives a unique look and keeps us warm on our deck on cold nights. Also can blend in ceramic logs How much glass do you need? 1.Find the fire glass calculator on the internet and calculate directly. 2.Send us your size of your fireplace (Length x Width x Depth)/ fire pit (Diameter x Depth) Then we will suggest that the quantity of glass.

Package Dimensions: 13.4 x 12.2 x 4.6 inches